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Lose Manboobs In 30 Days

Want to get rid of your “man boobs”?

“Amazing Secret Discovered By Former Mr. Universe Champion Melts Away Your “Man Boobs”, Replaces Them With A Flat, Sculpted Chest… And Gives You Unstoppable Confidence In All Areas of Your Life”

Now you can learn an all-natural way to demolish excess chest fat, putting an end to public humiliation and embarrassment once and for all… by transforming your old “male breasts” to a sexy, chiseled chest… that women love and other guys admire… and, if you’re like most men, begin to see amazing results in as little as 30 days!

Impossible? Not if you believe what EX-lifelong man boob sufferers worldwide are now saying…

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever wanted to completely get rid of your man boobs… in an all-natural way… that’s inexpensive and safe…then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s what it’s all about: Hi my name is Tim Harris and with the help of 1990 Mr America and 1992 Mr Universe Bryan McCluskey; we have created a program to specifically burn chest fat or more commonly known as man boobs.

In my 30+ years of being a personal trainer, I’ve had countless guys call me up on the phone, practically crying. Begging for me to help to lose their man boobs. To help them put an end all the laughing, whispering and jokes behind their back (and sometimes to their face).

Doesn’t it drive also you nuts? That you have to try so hard to hide your male breasts… Wearing multiple shirts... Slumping over your shoulders… And of course, never, ever taking off your shirt, even at the pool?

Many of my trainees have suffered man boobs for the first 30-some-years of their lives. Their doctors told them that they would grow out of it… but unfortunately, they never did.

These guys felt totally embarrassed of the way they looked. They were insecure and unconfident about their fatty chest.

Some of them even became clinically depressed. Because they’ve tried practically everything to get rid of their excess chest fat, but nothing seemed to work.

Even worse, there’s too much misinformation on the internet. Which led some of these guys to falsely believe their man boobs could never be cured.

(I’ll explain why that’s a bunch of B.S. in just a bit.)

I’ve also had clients who at one point considered male breast reduction surgery. This typically costs between $5,000 – $6000. And many of them would have gone through with it too, if it weren’t for the permanent scars and possible side effects.

(By the way, needing surgery is another myth. I’ve helped hundreds of guys lose their man boobs naturally. And I’ll show you how to do the same in just a moment.)

See, I’ve been a professional personal trainer for over three decades. I’ve studied countless books, lectures and science journals on how the human body works. That’s in addition to the tens of thousands of hours of hands-on experience in the gym.

I’ve helped guys who thought they were total “hard cases” make amazing transformations to their body. And melt off chest fat that has haunted them their entire lives…and doing so in a short period of time.

I’ve worked with…

Guys who tried every variation of every single chest exercise in existence but not getting any improvements…

Guys who tried running for 10+ miles every day, but still couldn’t seem to lose an ounce off their fat…

Guys who have tried herbs and pills but haven’t seen any results

Guys over 50 who thought they were too old to lose their man boobs

Guys who have had man boobs since puberty

I’ve helped all of these men dramatically reduce their man boobs… and get a flat chest. (And in some cases, the rock-hard, chiseled chest they’ve always secretly wanted.)

My clients are always amazed at their own personal transformations. However, what amazes me is not just how quickly they lose their chest fat, but how they start oozing with pure confidence afterwards.

My clients always thank me profusely, as if I had some sort of magical powers.

But my training program is not magic at all! You see, a lot of guys think that man boobs can only be removed with surgery or hormone pills.

However, the truth is this: The vast majority of men (around 95%) with “gynecomastia” suffer from an enlarged chest caused by extra fat deposits, known as called adipose.

Doctors are still not sure exactly why this happens. But it doesn’t matter. Because….

This Can Be Cured Naturally!

And I’ve seen it cured for good, in front of my own eyes. Time and time again in my training clients.

In fact, my lose man boobs system I teach my clients is so effective, that anyone- anyone- can use it to melt away their humiliating man boobs and replace it with a sexy, sculpted chest if they wanted to.

Even if you’ve tried practically everything else out there!

See, my system works by…

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