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Keto diet plan to lose 10 pounds in one Month

If you want to Lose Weight Quickly Try One of These Diets...

Keto diet plan to lose 10 pounds in one Month

Custom Keto Diet

how much fat do you want to shed? And how eagerly do you want to enhance your health?

With your custom keto meal plan, you’ll finally have control over your health and figure. Here’s what you’ll get if you start today:

An eight-week meal plan based on the experience and expertise of industry leaders.That includes nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs to ensure you make optimal progress toward your dream figure.

A diet optimized to your own ideal calorie and macro intake.If you mess up your calorie and macro intake, you might as well not even start a diet. That's why we base your meal plan on science-based methods to figure out the ideal calorie and macro intake for your situation and goals.

Delicious meals based on your food preferences.We’ve done extensive research and testing and united with top-leading keto chefs to provide you with mouth-watering recipes. You’ll get meals customized to your food preferences to ensure you’ll look forward to each meal. This not only makes your diet enjoyable, but also helps you make a long-lasting change.

Instructions on how to further customize your meals.For each meal, we’ll provide you with options to

further customize your diet to your preferences. For instance, if you don’t feel like eating bacon, you may have the choice to replace it with beef.

And much more…

Do You Make These Four Common Diet Mistakes That Sabotage Your Health and Stall Fat Loss?

Mistake #1

Not being in a calorie deficit

According to some “experts,” losing weight and keeping it off is all about controlling the types of food you eat.

They say particular foods are "fattening" because they pause fat burning and cause a hormonal environment that leads to weight gain... while other foods "balance" the system and stimulate fat loss.

While that’s partially true, it doesn't give you the full picture. The reason is that if you want to lower the number on your scale, the most important thing you must do is enter a caloric deficit.

It’s simple. If you consume more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight. And if you consume fewer calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight. That’s a scientific fact.[2]

Looking for proof? Well, dozens of studies show the vitality of calorie balance.[3-19] One of these is a case study by Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University.[20]

He carried excess pounds and, knowing the importance of calorie balance, decided to do an experiment. For two months, he only ate foods like Twinkies, Oreos, Dorito, and protein shakes while maintaining a daily energy deficit of 800 calories.

The result? In just two months, he lost 27 pounds and reduced his body fat from 33.4% to 24.9%.

Now, I don't recommend you follow such a diet, but it illustrates my point. If you want to lose fat, you must be in a calorie deficit.

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Mistake #2

Severe calorie restriction that gives you the metabolism of a 90-year-old lady

If an energy deficit of 250 calories a day will get you lean, a 1,000-calorie deficit will give you the results four times as fast, right?

Wrong! Many people make this mistake, and I used to do it too before I knew any better.

The truth is, severe calorie deficits screw up your physiology. That's why almost all low-calorie dieters regain the lost pounds when they stop the program... plus, most often gain some more on top of that.

You see, your body doesn't know you're trying to get ripped for the beach. Instead, because you're starving yourself, it thinks you're stranded with no food.

As a result, your body’s metabolism will plummet to prevent you from losing weight. This means that as soon as you come off your diet, your body will store as much food as possible as fat to prepare itself for the next starvation.

That’s why it’s essential to eat according to a calorie target fine-tuned for your body, your situation, and your goals.

Mistake #3

Thinking all calories are created equal

Thus far, we've looked at calories. And while calories are a crucial piece of the fat loss puzzle, they're in no way the only thing that matters. You see, when most people say they want to lose weight, they actually strive to improve their health and look better.

The thing is, if you want to accomplish such feats, you shouldn’t strive for weight loss. Instead, set your sights on fat loss. That's because losing weight doesn't necessarily improve health and appearance, but losing fat does.

Now, when it comes to fat loss, calories remain a crucial element. But what is just as crucial is your macro intake. In other words, your consumption of protein, carbs, and fat is vital. How you set up your macros has a profound effect on how your body will respond to the meals you eat.

For example, if you consume too many carbs, it’ll be near impossible to lose fat even if you maintain a calorie deficit. That’s because carbs spike insulin, a hormone that blunts fat loss in two main ways.

One of these is that elevated insulin levels block the release of fat from your fat cells.[21-23] And if your cells can't release fat, your body can never burn off the excess.

Second, elevated insulin levels cause the storage of energy found in your bloodstream to morph into body fat cells.[23-25] This means the energy won’t get burned off by tissues like muscle but instead snakes its way around to places like your hips and abs.

That’s why researchers call insulin the "fat storage hormone," and that’s why carb-rich diets make it nearly impossible to lose fat.

Insulin is but one example. Optimizing your macros is crucial for many more reasons, so in a minute I’ll show you how to set up your macros to triple fat loss.

The best part? The method I’ll show you in a minute from now is effortless to follow and never leaves you hungry. In fact, this eating style is so satiating and easy to follow that you would probably forget you were on a diet if you weren’t losing fat so fast.

Mistake #4

Following an unrealistic, overly restrictive diet

Willpower works like a battery – you only have so much of it until it runs out. That’s why very restrictive diets deplete your willpower, increase your cravings, and lead to binging – the exact opposite of what you want when trying to build your dream body.[26-27]

I've seen it countless times before... a guy or gal who is dedicated to losing weight and getting healthy. To kick things off, they start a diet that only allows food like tilapia, asparagus, and chicken. After all, that’s what the fitness magazines recommend.

While the results are great in the beginning and the dieter loyally brings Tupperware boxes packed with "healthy" meals wherever they go, their willpower eventually runs out and that diet gets tossed out the window.

Just keep in mind that dieting itself is already hard. Don't make it even harder for yourself by enforcing all kinds of unnecessary restrictions. Otherwise, you’ll likely take on a “screw it” mentally after a few weeks or even days, wake up in a sea of Twinkie wrappers and be back to square one.

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Custom Keto Diet


What Truly Sets These Meal Plans Apart is that They’re Based on the Keto Diet


Unless you were lost in the Himalayas for the last few years, I bet you've heard of the keto diet. In fact, you probably have a friend or family member who has transformed their body like magic with this diet.

But in case you didn’t know or just forgot, here’s a quick recap. A keto diet is an eating style where you consume almost no carbs, moderate amounts of protein, and high amounts of dietary fat. So, you’ll be eating tasty high-fat meals like ribeye steak with roasted garlic and butter.

“Why would you do that?” you may wonder. Well, a very low carb intake puts you into a state called “ketosis.” You see, under regular circumstances, your body relies for the most part on glucose (the stored form of carb).

When you minimize your carb intake, however, there's not enough glucose available for your body to fuel all its functions. And because some tissues like your brain cannot use fat for fuel, your body needs an alternative energy source to stay alive.

That’s where ketones come in. Ketones are chemicals produced in your liver when glucose is scarce. Various tissues like your brain can use these ketones for fuel when glucose is absent.[28] That's an excellent outcome because, otherwise, you would die.

Now, when your body uses primarily ketones and fatty acids for fuel, you're in a state called “ketosis.” That’s invaluable because...

Ketosis Gives You an “Unfair” Advantage on Your Fat Loss Goals

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Keto diet plan to lose 10 pounds in one Month

KetosisNOW FAQs

Let’s take a moment to review the questions most people ask me. That way you can decide how many bottles you need for KetosisNOW.

1. Who is KetosisNOW for?

Ketosis Now works for anyone who is worried about the difficulty of losing weight and keeping it off. KetosisNOW also helps to support immunity and ease stress. KetosisNOW can help as it targets the problems that cause weight loss resistance. When you take my KetosisNOW, you’re winning your battle against weight gain for good


2. What makes KetosisNOW better?

KetosisNOW contains clinically relevant amounts of ingredients that fight insulin resistance, inflammation and toxic build up inside the body. Every batch is certified by an independent, third-party laboratory for purity and integrity.

3. How long does it take to see results when using KetosisNOW?

Every person is unique and different in how they absorb natural ingredients. Most people typically start reporting a noticeable difference within days of starting to take it. This unique weight-loss solution is hinged on a specific ingredient that activates the fat-burning process of the body popularly known as ketosis. This fat-busting ingredient naturally push ketosis into overdrive.

4. What is the guarantee?

KetosisNOW is covered by a 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. You have a full two months to test it out and see how well it works for you. We are confident when you take KetosisNOW regularly you will see a difference in your cravings, better carb burning, water weight reduction and fat loss within 30 days. You will also see an improvement in your immune response. Remember if you are not happy for any reason, all you need to do is email or call us and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund no questions asked. We are that confident that KetosisNOW will work for you.

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Keto diet plan to lose 10 pounds in one Month

Keto Resources program

What's the Difference Between Success and Failure on the Keto Diet?

Two women, each 41 years old, tried the Keto Diet.

One shed several pounds in a week by eating perfectly.

But then, she went out and drank a margarita...

And it was downhill from there as she made one simple (yet impactful) mistake.

The Second Woman Was

Also Strict At First...

She lost a few pounds during the first week...

And also went out to eat, but nothing derailed her. She avoided that one mistake… And proceeded to drop 

in just 14 days! She felt unstoppable!

There were no slip-ups and she was down 5 dress sizes

within 4 weeks.

So What Made The


What was that ONE mistake?

Well, most people on a new diet have no plan.

They learn what to eat and not to eat. They try new recipes...

But, they DO NOT have a daily plan to carry them through the critical first month.

Without a plan, it’s very easy to fall for peer pressure... to be unprepared... and to make bad decisions.

So, to be clear, that ONE mistake is having no plan in place.

But we have that plan. And our plan has guided over people to success!

Simply Follow This Plan And You Will Succeed

The 28-Day Keto Challenge is a well-crafted plan that gets you through your first month.

You’re never left to figure things out on your own. Nothing is left to chance.

Our 28-Day Meal Plan guides you every step of the way!

And it’s more than a plan. It’s also a challenge. It’s designed to stretch you

and see what you’re made of. With our help, you will be unstoppable!

It’s Time To Take The

28-Day Keto Challenge!

get our 28-Day Meal Plan and 10 expert guides to educate and inspire you...

1 Keto Diet Basics.

To get started, you’ll learn the basics of the keto diet, how it was developed, how it works, 13 tips for success, foods to enjoy, and more.


2 Eating Well On Keto.

In this guide, you’ll get 10 breakfast recipes, 14 lunch recipes, and 14 dinner recipes, plus a companion 28-Day Meal Plan calendar.


3 Staying In Ketosis.

You'll learn how to get into ketosis in as little as 3 days, how to know of you're in ketosis, and much more.


4 Mastering Macros.

Learn how to calculate your macronutrients and maintain the proper ratios to stay in ketosis!


5 Beating Keto Flu.

What the “Keto flu” is and how to make it go away quickly if you experience any symptoms.


6 Intermittent Fasting.

Learn about 5 different styles of Intermittent Fasting to kickstart ketosis and accelerate fat loss.


7 Social Situations.

Discover healthy ways of dealing with social pressures. Includes tips for eating out and guidelines for drinking alcohol. This is what makes weight loss sustainable!


8 Guilt-Free Desserts.

This cookbook contains 36 mouth-watering “fat bomb” recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you in ketosis.


9 Yummy Avocado Recipes.

Discover 5 unique keto-friendly ways to prepare avocados. Yum!


10 Keto Supplements Guide.

Learn about 12 of the best Keto supplements that will help you transition to ketosis and make the Ketogenic diet more effective.

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Keto diet plan to lose 10 pounds in one Month

Over 40 Keto Solution.

Getting older can be a triple whammy…

Hormones decline… you start losing muscle… your body burns fewer calories each day (even if you stay active)…

This leads to unrelenting fat storage on your belly, backside, hips and love handles.

Just ask my wife Karen…

Even though we were lucky enough to catch her cancer just in time to save her…

By the time the medical industry was finished poisoning her body with harmful painkillers, chemotherapy and radiation it severely damaged her ovaries forcing her body into "premature" menopause…

Causing her to gain over 30 pounds within a few months afterwards…

Overpowering any hope she had to get rid of belly fat or regain her health.

And no matter HOW hard Karen tried to lose belly fat afterwards, NOTHING changed.

Was it too much stress? Was it the chemo and radiation? Was it bad genes? Was it the menopause? Was it her age? At the time we didn't know.

But the one thing we knew for SURE is "dieting" more only made matters WORSE.

And it put her body at a much higher risk for conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even early death.

Enter today's HOTTEST diet trend, the ultra-low carb ketogenic diet.

After doing some extensive research Karen and I thought this could finally be the answer we were looking for to help her lose her cancer-induced "menopause-belly."

According to the Google search engine it's officially the world's most popular rapid fat loss diet…

It's currently spreading like wildfire among every age category because it's so well known for its amazing anti-aging benefits that can help you reverse the side-effects you hate about aging…

It quickly melts stubborn fat cells

It cools down inflammation…

It balances blood sugar…

It increases "good" cholesterol…

It ERASES sugar cravings…

It BOOSTS brain health…

And it "shields" your body from today's life-threatening diseases.[1-15]

Many experts claim it's so good for skin and cellular health that it can literally reverse the aging process helping any person look and feel years younger…

However… if you're over 40 years old, like Karen and I are, pay close attention and keep reading because even though keto can be very effective for short bursts of time…

Groundbreaking research studies now confirm it…

If you're in your 40s… 50s… or 60s the Conventional Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet causes a rapid hormonal decline leading to a condition known as "metabolic-slowdown".

In fact, there are actually 4 "hidden" dangers that EVERY adult over 40 needs to be aware of before trying the keto diet.

I accidentally discovered the truth about these hidden dangers after Karen's battle with cancer and menopause led to uncontrollable fat-storage on her backside, hips, and upper belly region.

Inside this health bulletin I'm going to pull back the curtain and uncover the scientific evidence behind these keto dangers…

Along with 1 simple belly-slimming "keto diet hack" you can use to easily overcome this hormonal decline…

All while boosting the over-40 metabolism melting fat FASTER than conventional keto.

I call it The 7-IN-7 Formula because every time you use this hormone-boosting keto diet loophole…

You'll SEE AT LEAST 7 pounds GONE in 7 days.

Just imagine… stepping on the scale one week from now and seeing at least 7 pounds disappear.

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